Developing Proprietary New Medicines Faster, Cheaper, and with Less Risk through Drug Repurposing

Rediscovery Life Sciences (RLS) is a biopharma company located in Cambridge, MA. RLS develops new medicines faster, cheaper and with less risk through drug repurposing.

Compared with traditional drug development, repurposing produces results more efficiently (2 years and $5M vs. 10 years and $100M) and with higher success rates (25-40% vs. 2%).

RLS has advantaged access to the repurposing innovation ecosystem through its sister non-profit organization, Cures Within Reach, and through its proprietary Systems Pharmacology Insights Engine (SPIE).

We have various drug repurposing programs queued up, the first of which is RLS-003, a drug to treat Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).